37 Signals Founder, Jason Fried

June 18th, 2011

37 Signals makes Basecamp and online collaboration tools. Founder Jason Fried interview has some excellent points on business and strategy. This interview is worth watching. As a side note his book REWORK is worth the read as is the only business book I recently purchased. This interview reflects on points of REWORK. I will be follwing up this post with a book review of REWORK as well soon.

Leadership and the General

April 7th, 2011

Stanley McCrystal is the ex commanding general of US forces in Afghanistan. Rolling Stone magazine made him famous, but his message on leadership below will make him memorable. His words are effective and straight to the point.


The App Store.

March 21st, 2011

In 2011 Apple inc took its highly successful itunes store and used it’s technology to reinvent how software is delivered successfully on the desktop. The Apple app store for those who don’t know, is a credit card bonanza for Apple and allows users to seamlessly browse and purchase software. But its real power is in the way that the Apple app store delivers and keeps your applications up to date. No longer is installing patches and updates a chore. The app store manages your purchases and updates.

What’s broken?

The app store does have some limitations. Unlike the previous model of downloading from individual websites, the app store allow no demo versions and therefore there is no try before you buy, which is the best way of evaluating wether software is valid for an intended purpose.
Until recently there was no coupons or discount codes but in recent time apple has implemented this feature for developers. From a developers point of view the app store represents a positive and a negative. From a positive point of view the App Store offers a wide market opportunity to reach customers who would otherwise come to see their products by any other medium. Then there is the negative point, that individual products may be lost in the massive amounts of apps that are a part of the app store experience. Apple for it’s part has been great in beginning to cull some of the redundant apps that really add not value. We welcome this from our perspective no one needs another twitter client app.

The new store.

For both customers and developers alike the App store have been a success and as such adds to the value of Apple bottom line as it streamlines the experience. The days of the retail box are fading as digital delivery makes the process of computing more efficient. Looking for lost serial numbers, multiple CDs, DVDs and those massive tree killing manual are done. What is yet to be seen is how larger application suites will fare with the download method. As an example Apple’s professional non-linear editing suite Final Cut Pro is currently unavailable from the app store. At several gigabytes of data it would be a challenge to deliver in a digital format. But for now the numbers are only increasing in the App store favor as even large downloads will become commonplace as broadband gets wider and faster.

For its part Apple’s retail stores have become learning centers and much more than a pressure sell environment. And that’s something we can all agree on is great. Welcome to the new store.

The New Opportunity.

January 11th, 2011

Over the last 2 years we have seen the web change. With the advent of mobile internet, and the explosion in smart phones such as the iPhone and iPad and android devices, the web has changed to be an app driven environment. As apps have grown, their functionality has enabled us to do more and expect more. The web that was created in the 1990s as a series of simple pages is no longer; the app is here to stay and dominate. Just as the original Internet caught many traditional companies off guard, the app shift has caught traditional interactive companies off guard; it has allowed savvy new app developers who have a strong grip on object orientated programming to excel.

What is leading the innovation, is the new environment of touch based computing and the technology that is finally meeting the desire for high fidelity user experiences in mobile devices. Add dropping cost of mobile broadband and you now have a part of the future delivered.

Using the iPad is a new experience. Many would argue that it’s an oversized iPhone, but we would argue it’s more than that. The iPad takes the functions of a laptop we tend to use in public and makes them more effective. The iPad is less conspicuous and has a flat surface that’s easier for two people to view content than the laptop screen form factor.

The desktop analogy on mobile devices has also changed. Wether it’s the iPad, the PlayBook or an android tablet, one thing is certain; we no longer view applications in the rich context of the desktop window. The new tablets become the application. So it’s a gaming machine if you’re running a game app, or a business machine with a productivity app and so on. Therefore, the apps you install become the machine, and a general device become specific.

These changes constitute the new opportunity within digital. We welcome our new digital companions and the possibility they represent.

Welcome to CODE.

November 19th, 2010

Welcome to CODE the official blog of Aspire Networks. CODE is about business done right.  Through great ideas in user interface, branding, experience design and digital media CODE explores how to work smarter not harder. So I welcome you to CODE and hope you enjoy the posts and ideas in the coming days.


Founder – Aspire Networks.