The App Store.

In 2011 Apple inc took its highly successful itunes store and used it’s technology to reinvent how software is delivered successfully on the desktop. The Apple app store for those who don’t know, is a credit card bonanza for Apple and allows users to seamlessly browse and purchase software. But its real power is in the way that the Apple app store delivers and keeps your applications up to date. No longer is installing patches and updates a chore. The app store manages your purchases and updates.

What’s broken?

The app store does have some limitations. Unlike the previous model of downloading from individual websites, the app store allow no demo versions and therefore there is no try before you buy, which is the best way of evaluating wether software is valid for an intended purpose.
Until recently there was no coupons or discount codes but in recent time apple has implemented this feature for developers. From a developers point of view the app store represents a positive and a negative. From a positive point of view the App Store offers a wide market opportunity to reach customers who would otherwise come to see their products by any other medium. Then there is the negative point, that individual products may be lost in the massive amounts of apps that are a part of the app store experience. Apple for it’s part has been great in beginning to cull some of the redundant apps that really add not value. We welcome this from our perspective no one needs another twitter client app.

The new store.

For both customers and developers alike the App store have been a success and as such adds to the value of Apple bottom line as it streamlines the experience. The days of the retail box are fading as digital delivery makes the process of computing more efficient. Looking for lost serial numbers, multiple CDs, DVDs and those massive tree killing manual are done. What is yet to be seen is how larger application suites will fare with the download method. As an example Apple’s professional non-linear editing suite Final Cut Pro is currently unavailable from the app store. At several gigabytes of data it would be a challenge to deliver in a digital format. But for now the numbers are only increasing in the App store favor as even large downloads will become commonplace as broadband gets wider and faster.

For its part Apple’s retail stores have become learning centers and much more than a pressure sell environment. And that’s something we can all agree on is great. Welcome to the new store.

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