Method & Reason

It has been a while, since the birth of the company and from this time so much has changed. In fact everything has changed. Brands have woken up to a new consumer, who thanks to the web, has the ability to choose like never before. It seems like innovation and disruptive change are everywhere. Some good some not so, but one thing is sure; businesses like life is evolving. What we are seeing is a new process. A new normal.

Change used to be relatively constant. It was either positive or negative, and things would either boom or bust. Say goodbye to that notion. Unlike previous generations, we are living in a time where the pace of change is uneven and unyielding. From a scant 10 years ago, the Web has come to be a part of our everyday lives. We no longer look at just webpages, but we interact with applications that are part of the social fabric of our lives. Privacy is something that is now managed by others, and poorly. In short we have given it up for a free email address and better search results. Andy Warhol once said, that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Andy, if you could only see the world we live in now.

The idea of a broadcast medium is dead and buried. Content design, on the other hand, is not. The challenge is making content that is truly communicative and breaking free from the notion of content being a broadcast medium. Meanwhile, branding has been going through an identity crisis. The methods have changed. The new notion of normal requires agility and an always aspiring mind to create innovative solutions. What worked for brands on the web ten years ago is quite superficial now and what is complex now will be simple later. In a short period, some of what used to be science fiction has become science fact. Just look at multi-touch computing as an example.

Today we think of connecting to media or networks. The future is the connection of not only ideas but of things. The semantic Web, promises even more. It promises the idea of objects, real world objects that have a digital presence and are connected cheaply, efficiently and ubiquitously. This reality is already being created. We as humans seek dialogue. We seek to understand. The nature of how we connect will constantly change and become the new reality.

Have humans changed? Some would argue for, and others would against. What is undeniable, is the connection between all of us that is growing smaller day by day. Is the world becoming interdependent? Possibly. The data we collect is now used like never before and we even measure our social lives online. We measure and share data easily, and for the most part, seamlessly. The average person has more data at their fingertips than ever before, but this is now what we all seek; we seek the experience. To feel, explore, contribute and grow. Unlike data design, building experiences is something that takes insight and personalisation. The goal is to create lasting connections. At Aspire Networks, this is our purpose and reason.


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