Our approach to technology is different. Aspire Networks is about building brands and great experiences in the digital world. We are solely focused on the results we create. We work with tools that are stable and appropriate for the application or solution to be created, and our experience stands as proof. After implementing numerous digital solutions, including major e-commerce websites, we know more than a thing or two about building technology to produce results.


We are neither a front end user interface design company, nor a back end integrator. Rather we simply build solutions that you and your customers can and will use. From compelling user experiences to efficient frameworks, we build what works as a collective and with one goal in mind. We provide more than technology; we build solutions.

Currently we constantly use and evaluate the following technologies.
We use the baseline standards of the world wide web consortium (W3C) recommendations, CSS 2.1 and XHTML. These standards allow for the most accessible web experience today. We are also evaluating the advances in HTML 5 and CSS3 and use them where appropriate.
The jQuery Framework
The jQuery framework is an open source library. It provides advanced animation, development and web document manipulation tools in an easy to understand process. We believe that jQuery's potential is enormous and when implemented with care, jQuery can be used to create solutions that change how we interact with information and content.
Objective C and Cocoa.
Objective C and Cocoa are the foundations of both iOS applications or "apps" and native desktop Macintosh applications. We believe that the Apple platform represents the single strongest, feature rich platform, for unifying the mobile and desktop computing experience. As such, our full weight as a company is dedicated to the Macintosh and iOS community and user base.
Future Directions
Technology changes so rapidly that writing about technology and its platforms is redundant. Tomorrow's challenges and opportunities will be met by technologies that have not even been conceived as an idea today. What Aspire Networks provides is a consistent approach to using the right tool for the right job. Our clients expect nothing less.